Plenty of marketers have dabbled in AI tools, but fewer have found ways to consistently integrate the technology into their daily workflow. At the Industrial Marketing Summit, we’re bringing together a panel of marketers who’ve been doing just that.

Now’s the time to find out exactly how AI is transforming our industry. During Maximizing Marketing Impact with AI Every Day, our panelists will discuss how they’ve been using AI in their own work — and what role AI might soon play for you. Meet them below:

Jarrod Beasley, Midvale Industries, Inc.

Writing is time-intensive, and as his company’s sole marketer, Jarrod has been using AI to streamline his content production. He’s been finding ways to ensure Midvale’s voice remains identifiable when creating artificially generated content, even as he leverages the huge boosts to productivity AI offers.

Jarrod Beasley is the Marketing Manager of Midvale Industries, Inc.

Karlaa Gregory, Sumitomo Drive Technologies

For Karlaa, AI is an integral teammate: She’s used it to scale organic traffic for her organization with massive success. Aside from relying on AI to produce SEO-optimized content and to outline product launches, Karlaa has also facilitated her daily work through AI’s research capabilities.

Karlaa Gregory is the Digital Marketing Manager at Sumitomo Drive Technologies.

Chris Hull, Jasper

Since Chris helped create the organization in 2021, Jasper has grown fast. With 85,000 users now relying on the AI-powered content co-pilot, Chris has done plenty of thinking about how this technology can make marketers more creative and productive.

Chris Hull is the Co-Founder of Jasper.

Moderator: James Boeckmann, Gorilla 76

James Boeckmann is the Content Director of Gorilla 76. He founded Gorilla 76’s AI Task Force, which is dedicated to finding, evaluating and implementing right-fit AI tools to assist Gorilla’s work with industrial clients.

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