With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and technology in the industrial space, John Joyce has lived the struggles and successes of industrial marketers firsthand. John is bringing his expertise to the Industrial Marketing Summit with his session, Striking a Balance: Human Creativity and Machine Efficiency in Industrial Marketing.

In his session, John will discuss how you can harness creative power alongside automated efficiency to transform and refine your team’s industrial marketing without sounding like another spam-bot.

John is the Founder of Brijr.io, an Integration Platform that makes data sharing easier. John works with businesses to bridge the gap between systems, unifying operations and reducing costs through advanced automation capabilities, real-time analytics, and secure data protection.

Additionally, John works as a fractional CMO helping companies organize their marketing strategies and tech stacks. Prior to his work with Brijr.io, John served as the Global Marketing Director at Brennan Industries. There he was responsible for overseeing traditional and digital marketing strategies and activities including messaging, literature and catalogs, trade publication advertising, website, mobile and more.