Industrial marketing is primed for a shake-up, and Mary Keough here for the shaking. With experience in manufacturing and agency settings, Mary brings a unique and insightful view to her session, FINALLY. A Marketing & Sales Alignment Strategy that Just Might Work.

Marketing-sales misalignment is especially apparent in industrial companies because marketing is often the support arm of sales. And that’s not the only problem. Mary is here to tell you: It doesn’t have to be this way!

Mary is Director of Product and Content Marketing at CoLab Software. CoLab’s Design Engagement system helps engineering teams bring life-changing products to market years sooner by making design review easy, automating the admin, and generating quantitative insights.

Prior to working with CoLab, Mary was the Head of Marketing at Map My Customers and also worked as a Senior Marketing Strategist at Gorilla 76 where she worked with industrial clients. Before that, she worked for a manufacturing company where she planned and implemented marketing strategies and developed promotional materials.