The industrial Marketing Summit is excited to host, MJ Smith, a young professional with years of leadership experience and B2B marketing insights. MJ will be sharing these insights during her session, The Transformative Power of Product Marketing.

During her session, MJ will discuss how product marketing has the power to transform your business. Although hard to track, product marketing can produce a major ROI. MJ has seen this firsthand and will share her successful messaging and implementation framework.

MJ is the Vice President of Marketing at CoLab, where she is changing the way mechanical engineering teams work together. CoLab’s Design Engagement system helps engineering teams bring life-changing products to market years sooner by making design review easy, automating the admin, and generating quantitative insights.

Prior to CoLab, MJ led sales and marketing at Refine Labs, where she worked with 50+ venture-backed B2B software companies on demand generation. Before that, she spent 6 years working at FTSE 100 Halma plc, a group of mid-sized manufacturing businesses focused on medical, environmental, and safety technology.