Since 2006, Morgan Norris has been acutely focused on the power of content for technical companies. Morgan knows how to develop content and how to get it into the right hands. She is bringing her content marketing insights to her Industrial Marketing Summit session, Building and Measuring Brand Authority.

During her session, Morgan will discuss the importance of brand authority and why companies need to intentionally evaluate, approach, and measure their brand. She will share tactics on generating unique value propositions, building thought leadership pieces, and how to engage today’s technically-minded B2B buyers.

Morgan is the Senior Brand and Content Strategist at TREW Marketing, an industrial marketing agency focused on engineering and technology companies. In her role, Morgan builds marketing foundations with differentiated brand messaging, drives engagement with content plans, and generates new opportunities through insightful research, unrivaled industry expertise, and detail-oriented execution.

Prior to her role with TREW, Morgan worked with industrial manufacturer, National Instruments, where she wrote and reviewed technical news releases and coordinated public relations.