The 2024 Industrial Marketing Summit is please to present a Leadership Sponsor, is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution that makes data sharing easier. With advanced automation capabilities, real-time analytics, and secure data protection, helps businesses bridge the gap between systems, unifying operations and reducing costs.

“Brijr builds connections between software platforms that don’t want to talk to each other,” said’s founder, John Joyce. “Helping systems communicate maximizes efficiency, which improves customer experience and the bottom-line. Every company does things a little differently. Custom integrations allow information to flow smoothly where it didn’t before.

With over two decades in various industrial and marketing roles, John saw the technical struggles industrial marketers faced time and time again. This inspired John to create to offer solutions to these problems in the industrial marketplace.

The platform has processed millions of transactions between industrial systems. Data flows seamlessly, quickly, and safely. Learn more about Brijr solutions here and pick up more industrial marketing tips during John’s IMS session, Striking a Balance: Human Creativity and Machine Efficiency in Industrial Marketing.