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February 26-28, 2025

About the Summit

Industrial Marketing Summit is the premier gathering for industrial marketers — organized for and by the industrial marketing teams at CADENAS PARTsolutions, TREW Marketing and Gorilla 76.

Join some of the most innovative marketers in engineering, manufacturing and technical industries February 26-28th in Austin to connect with peers, level up your program, advance your career and grow your business.

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Schedule of Events

Check back here for our 2025 schedule. Curious about what to expect? Check out our 2024 sessions and speakers below!

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Sessions & Speakers

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See the 2024 Speakers and Sessions Below

Welcome Keynote: Pushing Industrial Marketing Forward

Adam Beck, Director of Marketing, CADENAS PARTsolutions
Wendy Covey, CEO and Co-Founder, TREW Marketing
Joe Sullivan, Co-Founder, Gorilla 76

Learn what forces are shaping industrial marketing today and discover how industrial companies are expanding brand leadership, leveraging technology to grow faster and creating unique experiences for buyers. Listen to the event preview here.

The Transformative Power of Product Marketing

MJ Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, CoLab Software

Product marketing is hard to measure, but it has the power to transform your business. MJ will cover how she’s seen this firsthand and share her successful messaging and implementation frameworks. Watch MJ’s session preview here.

AI Tools for SEO and Content that Earn Engineers’ Trust

Dale Bertrand, Founder and President, Fire&Spark

Now is the time to go all in on AI tools for your SEO and content workflows, before AI-savvy competitors begin to dominate the market. Engineer and AI expert Dale Bertrand will share his playbook for using AI tools to improve marketing productivity and deliver content marketing results. Watch Dale’s session preview here.

Reaching the Technical Buyer in 2024: Research Findings for Industrial Marketers

CJ Haight, Content Marketing Manager, GlobalSpec

Releasing at IMS! The 2024 State of Marketing to Engineers Report examines where technical buyers find information to make purchase decisions, how that behavior differs by age and region and ways the landscape has changed over time. You won’t want to miss this year’s findings, which include how engineers use AI for work and new data on valued social media platforms. Learn more about GlobalSpec here.

FINALLY. A Marketing & Sales Alignment Strategy that Just Might Work

Mary Keough, Director of Product and Content Marketing, CoLab Software

Marketing-sales misalignment is especially apparent in industrial companies because marketing is often the support arm of sales. And that’s not the only problem. Mary Keough is here to tell you: It doesn’t have to be this way. Watch Mary’s session preview here.

Panel: Find Your Voice, Humanize Your Brand, Stand Out in a Sea of User-Generated Content

Chris Luecke, Host and Founder, Manufacturing Happy Hour
Nikki Gonzales, Host, Automation Ladies and Head of Partnerships, Quotebeam
Jordan Yates, Marketing Engineer, Knowles Precision Devices
Eddie Saunders, Founder & Friend, Speak Friend Consulting

Branding today is way bigger than logos and color palettes: It comes down to voice. Hear our expert panel talk through developing a solid brand voice — for yourself and your company. Check out the panel preview here.

Building and Measuring Brand Authority

Morgan Norris, Senior Brand Strategist, TREW Marketing

As brand authority becomes more important, companies must intentionally evaluate, approach and measure their brand. Learn why you need to focus on unique value propositions, thought leadership and a variety of channels to engage today’s technically-minded B2B buyers. Watch Morgan’s session preview here.

Striking a Balance: Human Creativity and Machine Efficiency in Industrial Marketing

John Joyce, Industrial Marketing Consultant and Founder,

Harness your creative power alongside automated efficiency to transform and refine industrial marketing strategies, data pipelines, email, social and advertising. Explore what life could be like when you effectively balance the personal with the automated. Watch John’s session preview here.

Crafting an Amazing Experience for Your Customers

Timothy Scanlon, Global Head of Customer Experience, Rockwell Automation

Tim has shaped Customer Experience (CX) programs that drive revenue growth while increasing customer lifetime value. In his session, he’ll pull back the curtain to show how you can stage your digital spaces to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Check out Tim’s session preview here.

How It’s Done: Increasing Right-fit Leads by 195% in Just 90 Days

Grace Wright, Strategy Director, Gorilla 76
Aren Buresh, Senior Strategist, Gorilla 76

Grace and Aren will explain exactly how they helped one industrial startup triple right-fit leads in 90 days. Spoiler alert: they didn’t have the perfect conditions to get started, but they did anyway. Watch the session preview here.

Panel: Maximizing Marketing Impact with AI Every Day

James Boeckmann, Content Director, Gorilla 76
Chris Hull, Co-Founder, Jasper
Karlaa Gregory, Digital Marketing Manager, Sumitomo Drive Technologies
Jarrod Beasley, Marketing Manager, Midvale Industries Inc.

If you hear “AI” and feel slightly overwhelmed you’re not alone. But now is the time to build confidence. Our panel of practitioners will discuss how they are using AI to increase productivity, and the future potential for the technology. Check out the panel preview here.

Venue & Lodging

The Main Event

Located on The University of Texas at Austin campus, the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center serves as our Summit base of operations. Already thinking about food? Breakfast, lunch and breaks will be catered on site!


Reserve a room at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center to take advantage of a discounted room rate. Looking for other Campus District hotel options? We recommend two within walking distance: The Otis and the AC Marriott are right next door.

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