Branding today is way bigger than logos and color palettes: It comes down to voice. At the Industrial Marketing Summit, we’re bringing together an expert panel to talk through developing a solid brand voice — for yourself and your company.

During Find Your Voice, Humanize Your Brand, Stand Out in a Sea of User-Generated Content, our panelists will discuss how they’ve differentiated their brands to meet their customers where they are.

Meet the panelists below:

Chris Luecke, Host and Founder, Manufacturing Happy Hour

Chris has spent over a decade in the manufacturing industry. Half of that time has been spent creating, hosting, and growing multiple podcasts – including Manufacturing Happy Hour and Pubcast Worldwide. Now, Chris is helping others do the same and build their brands.

Nikki Gonzales, Host, Automation Ladies and Head of Partnerships, Quotebeam

Nikki loves connecting dots and people. She is always willing to network, share knowledge, brainstorm, and give feedback without an agenda. Nikki helps distributors of industrial automation technology get more business through collaborative ecommerce platform at Quotebeam. She knows how to build partner relationships with buyers, distributors, and manufacturers in the space.

Jordan Yates, Marketing Engineer, Knowles Precision Devices

As a Marketing Engineer at Knowles Precision Devices, Jordon researches and understands the roles of specialty ceramic capacitors within power electronics and their position in the market. She collaborates with the engineering and sales teams to create technical and engaging content that showcases the value and benefits of products.

Eddie Saunders, Founder & Friend, Speak Friend Consulting

Eddie, the Mascot of Manufacturing, specializes in crafting powerful marketing campaigns that captivate audiences and deliver measurable results. By leveraging his deep understanding of the customer journey, Eddie creates experiences that resonate on a personal level.

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