Relentlessly customer focused, results-driven, data-driven, experience design strategist and leader, Timothy Scanlon is professionally recognized for speed and agility designing, launching and staffing successful experience research, design and develops programs for software and tech businesses that highly value the business impact of differentiated frictionless customer experience. Timothy is bringing his expertise to his Industrial Marketing Summit Session, Crafting an Amazing Experience for Your Customers.

During his session, Timothy will pull back the curtain to show how you can stage your digital spaces to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Tim has shaped Customer Experience (CX) programs that drive revenue growth while increasing customer lifetime value.

Timothy is the Global Head of Customer Experience at Rockwell Automation, where he builds tools democratizing UX/CX operational excellence and impact for research, design, and VoC analytics, creating a global net-effect of customer focus and insight sharing across businesses.

Tim has worked with customers, researchers and designers on-site in 38 countries to better understand challenges and to co-create solutions. He has spoken at Design and IoT conferences (12 in 2019). Consulted on user-centered design innovation across industries including PLM, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, automation, IoT, and E-commerce. Connecting design and marketing to ROI along with global intelligence, is key to building high-performance culturally diverse teams that create useful, usable, desirable solutions lowering barrier to entry and translating across cultures.